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RESPINOR winner of the European Innovation Councils (EIC) ePitching event for COVID-19 solutions

COVID-19 is deeply disrupting our health and socio-economic systems and provoking severe shortages of MV capacity, prompting an urgent need for accelerating the development and spread of technologies that can reduce the strain on these resources. The European Innovation Council (EIC) brought together over 50 public and private procurers, five European corporates, and more than 20 EIC-backed SMEs for an EIC ePitching on COVID19-solutions. We are excited to share that RESPINOR was announced the winner of the ePitching session with RESPINOR DXT – That provides an objective and continuous measure of diaphragm function, hence improves clinical decision-making in critically ill patients’ weaning readiness from mechanical ventilation. More information about the event can be found here: