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Test of novel device to measure respiratory function presented at international conference in Milan

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Test of novel device to measure respiratory function presented at international conference in Milan

Results from the first study using Respinor’s novel medical device involving 30 healthy persons was presented at two events for respiratory doctors in Milan this fall and received acclaim.

Monitoring of diaphragm function is a persisting challenge to clinicians in intensive care and respiratory units. Fifteen to 20 % of the ventilator patients have to be put back on the ventilator within 48 hours after first being removed from the ventilator. This leads to longer lengths of stay and worse outcomes for the patient.

A novel ultrasound device for continuous monitoring of diaphragm function has been developed by Respinor AS based in Oslo, Norway.

Håvard Andreassen Sæverud, MD, presented his work during the European Respiratory Society meeting and it described the results from the first study involving healthy participants, with the probe placed at 4 different positions on the body.

The volunteers were examined in 5 different postures (lying on back, lying on right and left side, sitting, and standing), and the device recorded the movement of the liver as a proxy for movement of the diaphragm. One of the main observations was of the high correlation between breath volume and ultrasound excursion in participants.

The use of ultrasound to assess diaphragm dysfunctions has seen increasing interest from doctors due to its safety and non-invasiveness.  During the conference session “Discussion of techniques and technologies in lung function”, chaired by the British Prof. Brendan Cooper, Sæverud showed that using DiaMon is a good way to measure diaphragm excursion, and that optimal signals are obtained using the DiaMon device below the ribs and on the anterior axillary line.

In addition, Dr. Sæverud gave a presentation of the suitability of ultrasound for the continuous measurement of diaphragm excursion during the “Norwegian evening” (Norskaften) held as part of the conference in Milan. The scientific program of Norskaften was arranged by the Norwegian pulmanory society and was attended by doctors and nurses from Norway who were attending the conference in Milan.

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