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RESPINOR is developing a novel, non-invasive, ultrasound-based medical device, DXT (Diaphragm Excursion Technology), to improve clinical decision-making in critically ill patients. DXT has the first ultrasound sensors that can stick to the skin for continuous monitoring of our main breathing muscle, the diaphragm. The diaphragm is as critical to our respiratory system as the heart is to the cardiovascular system. There are no standardized and objective technologies for continuous diaphragm monitoring available. RESPINOR’s technology is the winner of Horizon 2020 funding both in phase I and II. The company has successfully completed clinical feasibility studies in Europe for the first target segment mechanical ventilation (MV) with technical proof of principle and proof of concept confirmed. Our technology has a broad range of potential benefits and represents a technology platform for applications in critical care and other areas of respiratory medicine.

Latest news

21. July 2023

RESPINOR announces new Chair of the Board

27. June 2023

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting in RESPINOR AB (PUBL)

3. April 2023


9. December 2022

First patient included in the multicenter, multinational DE-RISK WF II study in Europe

21. July 2022

Bulletin from the extraordinary general meeting of RESPINOR AB (publ)

6. July 2022


1. April 2022

RESPINOR is strengthening the team preparing for commercialization of DXT

15. October 2021

RESPINOR AS Successfully completed Private Placement of approx. NOK 20 million (€ 2,0 million)

18. June 2021

RESPINOR has started the last phase of the clinical program, DE-RISK-WF study in Europe, with DXT before regulatory submission (EU and USA)

22. April 2021

Interview: The winners of the NLSInvest Rising Star Award

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 768260.

“I think it sounds highly innovative, especially because it allows for standardized observation and assessment of patients, involving very little effort and, above all, it's non-invasive. I find that very appealing.”

ICU Specialist Germany

Quality Policy:
RESPINOR develops innovative products for monitoring of respiratory function. RESPINOR is dedicated to providing uncompromised quality products that are safe and cost-effective to health care systems.
We understand that listening to customer needs and meeting market needs are key to continued product improvement.
RESPINOR is committed to maintaining an effective quality management system compliant with all applicable regulations in countries where our products are developed, manufactured and sold.